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Not yet familiar with traditional folding knives from W R Case and Sons Cutlery?

Whether it’s a personal purchase, or a meaningful gift for the traditionalist in your family, selecting the highest quality pocket knife that will be cherished for decades is easy. Click here for the W R Case product guide to explore beautiful images and the historical terminology that’s such a fascinating part of the “pocket worn” traditional folder experience.

TIP: Start with the general PATTERN categories, then move on to HANDLE MATERIAL.

Some popular traditional PATTERNS:
Trapper; Canoe; Peanut; Stockman; Sod Buster; Baby Butterbean ; Half Whittle; Copper Lock; Doctor’s Knife

Some popular Handle MATERIALS:
Rosewood; Amber Bone; Genuine Stag; Yellow Synthetic; Mother of Pearl; Abalone

As you begin focusing on the most visually appealing folding knife category, begin thinking about the best size of pocket knife: Small enough for a handy "every day carry" (blue jean pocket, cargo pant pocket, or dress pants)? Will you be using a handbag or duffle bag? Are you looking for a larger folder for a tool box or tackle box? Is the knife for routine use, or a treasured keepsake? Will you be using it for hunting and fishing? Need a little help selecting the perfect W R Case folder? Red n White is the official Canadian distributor and we’re here to help!

E-mail us and feel free to leave your phone number, Bob will call you back quickly to assist and support.

Together we can select the prefect, beautifully-crafted traditional folder that will feel just right in your hand and in your pocket. W R Case has been relied upon since 1889 because nothing else feels or looks this good.

Your Canadian Distributor of W-R Case & Sons Folding Pocket Knives


Click on the image below to have a look through the Case catalogue, select a product that interests you and jot down its number (for use in Step #2, below). Please note that the cataloge .pdf is 7.4MB in size, so depending on the speed of your Internet connection it may take a few moments to load.






Look through the Case catalogue and jot down the product number(s)

Use the contact form near the bottom of this page. Don't forget the product number(s)

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Complete this form and we'll get right back to you:

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