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There are many reasons why using cedar lumber is better than using pressure-treated wood. This page contains articles with very compeling information.

The Pressures on Treated Wood - Recent studies & alternative materials deliver some hard knocks

first appeared: The Telegram, June 26, 2000

Look around any part of the city or suburb and you’ll see decks - and matching play sets - popping up faster than yard sale signs in June. This has been the decade for decks. I too have one waiting to be built and another to be replaced. But a look at what is routinely being offered in decking materials, that is, pressure treated wood, may give us cause to reconsider the options. [
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Treated Wood: Do You Know What You're Using?  

by Andrea Johnson  
Website Special Article, Winter 1999

Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated-wood, commonly known as pressurized or Wolmanized wood, is used extensively in outdoor construction: for playgrounds and picnic tables, for planters and garden furniture, for fences, decks, porches and walkways, and for docks and wharves. This greenish coloured wood is popular because it resists rot and can last up to thirty years.  And perhaps because of its prolific use, its safety is rarely questioned.


Three years ago, when we needed a new front porch, my husband and I chose CCA-treated wood because of its claims to longevity and safety.  As a person with a history of chemical sensitivities, I wish I had checked more carefully.  Before the porch was completed, I began to experience burning in the palms of my hand when I touched the railing, and in the soles of my feet when I walked on the porch.  By the time it was completed, a mere touch of my hand on the wood caused my arm to go numb. [read more]



In the summer of 2011 we used Bob’s white cedar extensively in our back yard for fencing, decking and custom outdoor furniture and have been delighted with the results. The wood is beautiful to look at and is of significantly higher quality then pressure treated wood - it delivers much better dollar value without costing that much more. It has been consistently dry with minimal shrinkage, and without shakes, splits or twisting. The mill finish is very smooth and ready for paint or stain. Service was prompt and reliable and my orders were delivered right to my door, cut to my own specifications.
Discovering the white cedar has really allowed us to explore our design ideas and achieve a quality of finish that is on a par with interior millwork. We look forward to working with Bob to add the finishing touches this summer.

Angela, Toronto

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