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Santa Fe Stoneworks

Red N White Cedar is proudly distributing a range of fascinating pocket folders that have been handcrafted by the Wirtel family in Santa Fe New Mexico since 1978.  
A variety of blade materials combined with exotic handles of mammoth tusk, mother of pearl, turquoise, cactus, spalted beech - etc. are not only stunning in appearance but have a feel that is indescribable.
The Wirtel Family best describes their craft and their exotic materials: “Coaxing the Soul out of Stone, Wood and Steel”

"Coaxing the Soul out of Stone, Wood & Steel"

What's the connection with

Red n White Cedar? 

"I have been carrying a Santa Fe Stoneworks Damascus Dinosaur bone handled lock back that’s admired by colleagues and customers. Following a meeting and tour of the fascinating New Mexico shop,  Bill Wirtel agreed to allow Red n White Cedar to  expand distribution of his familly's products across Canada.


Selecting, pricing and shipping to Canadian customers is now easier with a national Canadian representative.


Relax and browse the Santa Fe Stoneworks catalog, then contact us for current availability, pricing and shipping arrangements. Service will be polite and prompt.


Please be aware that import (legal) restrictions may apply and some assisted opening models are not available in Canada."

-- Bob Paterson, Red n White Cedar

Call or email and feel free to leave your phone number.

Bob will call you back quickly to assist and support.

(905) 703-7878 

Choosing Your Pocket Knife 

Not sure where to begin?

We can help! 

Start with the general PATTERN categories, then move on to HANDLE MATERIAL

  • Popular Patterns: Trapper; Canoe; Peanut; Stockman; Sod Buster; Baby Butterbean ; Half Whittle; Copper Lock; Doctor’s Knife

  • Popular Handle Materials: Rosewood; Amber Bone; Genuine Stag; Yellow Synthetic; Mother of Pearl; Abalon

As you begin focusing on the most visually appealing folding knife category, begin thinking about the best SIZE of pocket knife:

  • Small enough for a handy "every day carry" (blue jean pocket, cargo pant pocket, or dress pants)?

  • Will you be using a handbag or duffle bag?

  • Are you looking for a larger folder for a tool box or tackle box?

  • Is the knife for routine use, or a treasured keepsake?

  • Will you be using it for hunting and fishing?


Call or email and feel free to leave your phone number.

Bob will call you back quickly to assist and support.

(905) 703-7878 

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